Made to Match -Fabric Label Design

Made to Match -Fabric Label Design-made to match, fabric label design, fabric, clothing tag
Do you need a fabric label design to match your existing etsy shop or blog design that you have already purchased or about to purchase? Maintaining your brand or look from online to your printed marketing items is key!
After your purchase, you will receive a .PNG or .JPG printable digital file. Other file types are not available at this time. This fabric label design will match your existing design created by Dreamlike Magic Designs.
File sizes for fabric label designs do vary from printer to printer. We recommend that you find a printer first before you specify a size so that the file can be created at the required specifications. If no size is specified at checkout, the order will be placed on hold until we receive the proper specifications.
Please note, you will not receive any printed items, only the digital file.
Please allow up to 2 days to receive your completed design.


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